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Location Based Services

     Location Based Services, utilizing wireless communications and global positioning technologies, started their significant growth in the last decade and have not looked back.  Voice services have become commodities for carriers and wireless providers are beginning to pursue innovative uses of LBS to differentiate their products and create "stickiness" in their customer base.  Businesses looking enhance their capture rate and improve their customer service are turning to mobile Location Based Services to meet these needs.   LBS is promising investment, but the highway to success has many challenges.  Let us help you "find your way".


        Developers of successful LBS applications, require access to comprehensive data sources, knowledge of positioning technology, mapping/routing technologies and advanced software techniques and strategies.

      Delivering LBS may require development of a complicated support platform whose capabilities include the need to meet stringent Service Level Agreements set by telcos.

      Business success in today's LBS market requires strong capabilities in strategic planning, market development and mastery of the industry's broad and ever changing technology base. 

      Success in the LBS marketplace requires innovative products, professional product design and integrated services that support the needs of the customers across the platforms they choose to use during location search.

      TeleMapics has the background and the skills to help your company penetrate the attractive market for Location Based Services.


Our Location Based Services Consulting Includes These Specializations:

       Product strategy/research and product management

      LBS and positioning technologies

      LBS software development

      LBS team building and organizational development

       Organizational assessment and productivity analysis.                         


Message from Mike Dobson,   President of TeleMapics:

     The slow run-up to ubiquitous Location Based Services has dampened the industry's appetite for innovation and led to commoditization of both products and services. Commoditization punishes differentiation, which leads to decreases in the ability to create highly profitable products provisioned with the appropriate features to move markets. The LBS market will reward innovation in product, platform and process.

    In order to create a profitable LBS niche, services should be focused on developing an inviting and "invisible" technology. There is a need to create services that help search the surrounding world when and how our customers require this type of functionality.

     One of the major obstacles to successfully monetizing the wireless infrastructure is that those desiring to provide data services and other non-voice services must support a variety of technologies.

   The diversity the technology infrastructure that supports the wireless carriers’ platforms provokes the need for those working in LBS to develop and support a complex, service provider environment.


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