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Product Development Practices

        In many software companies,  Product Development is not a process, but a series of misadventures leading to the creation of flawed products that are unsuccessful in the marketplace.

       Our Product Development Practice is focused on helping your company develop a functional and effective product development support structure.  We believe that developing the right infrastructure will help your company deliver products and services provisioned with the desired functionality and  engineered in a manner consistent with your company's financial and strategic goals.


    It is often the case that Management senses the product development activity is not working to the company’s benefit, but for many reasons cannot find the right path to optimizing the product development process.

      It may be that the product development process is dysfunctional or that the product management team does not have the skill set necessary to manage the process.

     Conversely, the organizational structure may impede the flow of decisions that are necessary for an effective development process.

   TeleMapics' has significant expertise and experience in managing successful software development projects, from ideation to product release/rollout.


Our Product Development Consulting Includes These Specializations:

         Product Development Process Re-engineering

       Product Requirements and Definition Analysis

       Functional Specifications

       Product Roadmaps and Scheduling

       Team building for Software Development, Product Development and  Engineering organizations.



Message from Mike Dobson, President of TeleMapics:

    Many business teams fail to implement the product development processes and strategies that lead to successful projects. Products capable of "winning" are engineered for success, early to market, and appropriately provisioned with market leading features. A defective product development process makes it impossible to create successful products due to the inability to balance development speed, schedule and risk.

    A "tuned" product development process and optimized organizational structure enhance a company's ability to deliver the right product, at the right time on a rational cost basis. I urge you to consider whether your company's organizational structure and product development processes are working to benefit your enterprise. I have significant experience with the development of software, information products and services for consumer and commercial markets. I can help your team focus on creating efficient and effective solutions to enhance their product development efforts.

  I have focused my career on developing and improving the interface between business technology organizations and the business that surrounds them. Often, the complexities that abound in Engineering, Development or the Product Development Process appear so complicated that senior management may not clearly understand or appropriately manage the business on an integrated basis. In many organizations, the “technology group” becomes an outlier, operating on its own and acting as a governor on the success of the business.

    Many companies try to solve the product development issue by acquiring a competitor that appears to be a logical fit. All too often, these types of acquisitions are not accretive and fail realize the value expected. Most often, this failure reflects unsuccessful integration of the development teams. TeleMapics has the experience to help you manage the integration activities. Our role is that of a "neutral party" who listens to both sides and champions the cause of your company.


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