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Michael W. Dobson, Ph.D.

            President, TeleMapics LLC


Expertise, Qualifications and Key Information

       National and international business experience focused on mapping and the adoption of technology to support the use of Geospatial data.  Expertise includes Mapping, Location, creating R&D environments, product and services development, technology planning and strategic planning. 

     Excellent leadership skills coupled with a demonstrated ability to: 1) build highly efficient, results oriented technology and development organizations,  2) structure, design and implement new products, systems and related policies and procedures on a cost efficient basis and 3) manage multiple,  complex development tasks simultaneously.

       A strategic thinker with an outstanding ability to form strong, cooperative interpersonal relationships coupled with excellent oral and written communications and presentations skills. Popular "keynoter" at major conferences.

        Recognized expert in mapping and GIS with over twenty-five years of experience in business, government and research dealing with issues and applications of geographic data for use in the development of market leading products, tools and services.

Professional Experience

President, TeleMapics LLC

    I have served as the President of TeleMapics for over ten years. During that time our company has helped small and large businesses and government agencies migrate to superior levels of performance while creating sophisticated products and services  based on geospatial information.

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering, go2 Systems, Inc.

      Served as corporate officer responsible for engineering, technology, IT and product development at go2 systems, the leading provider and distributor of spatially indexed business directories and LBS applications designed for the wireless/cellular  Internet.  go2 provided location based directory services to MSN Wireless, AT&T wireless, Sprint, Nextel, Verizon and other major wireless carriers in the U.S. 

Chief Technologist, Vice President of New Business Development and Chief Cartographer,  Rand McNally & Company

       Served as corporate officer responsible for technology, Geospatial Information and mapping.   Managed over three hundred team members involved in Product Development (systems developers, software developers, GIS specialists and Geospatial scientists) supporting the consumer, commercial, educational and transportation divisions of Rand McNally.  In addition, Dr. Dobson was responsible for business development activities including strategic partnerships and acquisitions.


Message from Mike Dobson
President of TeleMapics:

    I founded TeleMapics in 2002 to provide consulting services to companies  focused on building Mapping/Navigation Databases, Local Search, Location Based Services and Geospatial Information,  Our goal is to help companies in the technology space find their way to market growth and improved profitability.

    My background has been focused on Geography.  TeleMapics has helped numerous businesses and agencies to  improved performance and deliver superior product and services.

I served as the Chief Technologist and Chief Cartographer for the world's largest map and Geospatial Information publishing company during their transition to digital information publishing and GIS. I was, also,  the CTO and EVP of Engineering for a high profile start-up in LBS/local search  delivered to cellular phones and wireless networks.   I spent the initial years of my career as a college professor researching the display of spatial data for rapid information processing and the practical applications of Geographic Information Systems in government and industry. 

    TeleMapics clients include Internet companies interested in mapping,  local search providers, software publishers, software application providers, LBS players, GIS software companies, map publishers, information publishers and technology providers in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, we provide services to the law firms related to intellectual property issues in  technology and the uses of Geospatial Information.  Finally, we provide due diligence and M & A advice for venture capital firms considering new opportunities.

      We operate on or off-site, as you require. In addition, we customize our engagement to maximize your success.  TeleMapics can provision a team appropriate for the challenge facing your company.  If you would like more information on our capabilities - Contact us.

      TeleMapics is a Limited Liability Corporation formed under the laws of California regulating Limited Liability Corporations.  We provide our services worldwide.

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