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Michael W. Dobson, Ph.D.

            President, TeleMapics LLC


Expertise, Qualifications and Key Information

   Extensive experience focused on mapping and the adoption of technology to support the use of Geospatial data.  Expertise includes Mapping, Location, and strategic planning. 

  A strategic thinker with an impressive ability to form strong, cooperative work relationships coupled with excellent oral and written communications and presentations skills. Popular "keynoter" at major mapping and GIS conferences

  Recognized expert in mapping and GIS with over thirty years of experience in solving geographical problems for  businesses, government and research teams dealing with issues and applications of geographic data for use in the development of market leading products, tools and services.


Message from Mike Dobson
President of TeleMapics:

    My career has been focused on the uses of geographical information. 

   TeleMapics has helped numerous businesses and agencies to  improved performance and deliver superior products and services related to their use of spatial data.

    We have experience providing expert witness and other consultative services related to intellectual property issues involving technology and the uses of Geospatial Information. 

      We provide due diligence and M & A advice for venture capital firms considering new opportunities.

      TeleMapics is a Limited Liability Corporation formed under the laws of California regulating Limited Liability Corporations.  We provide our services worldwide.

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