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TeleMapics provides advice on mapping,  Local Search, Location Based Services,  Navigation and other applications involving the use of  Geographic Information.



 Exploring Local

Our blog, Exploring Local, has developed quite a following with those interested in Mapping, Navigation and other Geospatial applications such as Local Search and Location Based Services.

Widely read by people interested in the "geospatial" industry, Exploring Local is also gaining purchase with financial analysts who have become interested in our sector with the explosion of location based services and related infrastructure build-outs.

If you participate in the Geospatial industry or are interested in how the industry might grow in the future, reading Exploring Local should be on your "to do" list.

Exploring Local covers a  range of geospatial activities including  User Generated Content and how it will influence the market for map databases.  We always keep you up-to-date on the critical factors that may enable next big leap in the use of spatial data in commercial, consumer and government markets.


Do You Know Enough About Mapping to Advantage Your Business?

Mapping is an "old" science that is currently experiencing a rebirth due to increased interest by consumers, governmental and commercial entities. 

It is clearly the case that online tools and services have brought the mechanics of mapping  to a broader range of users than ever before.  In addition, the share and share-alike nature of the Internet has allowed many interested parties to become practicing "cartographers", as well as "contributing neogeographers".

Sometimes those new to mapping, routing and LBS don't realize that the mechanics of cartography are only part of  the impressive power of maps.  Being able to optimize maps to convey your desired message requires an understanding of the "Nature of Maps", as well as the nature of communicating spatial concepts. 

If your business strategy involves a new initiative requiring the use of location information, let us help you find your way to the successful use of Mapping, Navigation, Location Based Services, geotargeting or other related services.

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    TeleMapics' consulting practice is focused on these specialties:                    
  • Mapping
  • Local Search (Geotargeting)
  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Navigation
  • Expert services for Intellectual Property matters involving Location Based Services and, or mapping
  • Strategic planning
  • Acquisition strategies


   Our clients represent businesses  focused on:         
  • Geospatial Technology
  • Local Search
  • Location Services
  • Map Database Development
  • Navigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Venture capital and Investment Management

As well as

  • Government agencies at the Federal level that manage large spatial databases



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