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  Geospatial Information (GI)


Uses of Geospatial Technology

    The use of Geospatial technology, solutions and data in Geographic Information Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Mapping and Routing Systems, Automated Location Information [ALI] Systems and Location Based Services [LBS]) is fast becoming a staple of successful business planning, as well as contributing to the development of new, technology assisted product offerings.


     Extracting the maximum value from Geospatial technology is full of difficulties for those who are unfamiliar with: issues of spatial data quality (coverage, currentness, attribution and metadata), the application of spatial data in geographic analysis, mapping, telematics and navigation systems. TeleMapics can help you find your way to creating successful products and services that incorporate or are based on Geospatial Information.

Message from Mike Dobson,                                 President of TeleMapics:

      My expertise in the use of Geospatial technology, solutions and data includes operational and strategic management roles for start-ups and major corporations. I have significant commercial experience in the developments of products that utilize Geospatial Information in Wireless Location Based Services, map publishing and software development.


      If you are new to the use of Geospatial Information, let TeleMapics help you and your team to develop and successfully execute projects key to the profitable growth of your business.

      If your Company is experienced in the use of GI but not reaching your market share goals, we can help provide the boost that you need to innovate your way to success.


Our Geospatial Consulting Practice Includes These Specializations:

     Assessment and selection of Geospatial data providers (boundary, transport network, attribute and other required data)

  • To support your projects based on your mix of desired data attributes, data quality and pricing.

      Assessment and selection of Geospatial Service providers (directory services, listings services, geocoding services, mapping and routing)

      Assessment and selection of Geospatial software and support applications.

      Development of strategies for new products and services to meet the expanding needs for Geospatial data in ALI, LBS, Telematics, Business Intelligence, mapping and routing systems.

      Development of competitive technology strategies for traditional map publishers.

      Geospatial Information (GI) and its use in corporate positioning, corporate communications and brand management.

  •  We provide guidance and advisory services to ensure that you avoid being in the news as the latest case study of a company needing a "geography" lesson.


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