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Local Search

Message from Mike Dobson
President of TeleMapics:

      My expertise in local search includes time spent as CTO and EVP of Technology for go2 Systems, one of the early players in the market for local search platforms, products, and services. I led go2's talented technical and product development teams in the company's efforts related to both wired and wireless local search platforms, as well as the company's e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) offerings. Before go2, I was Chief Technologist for Rand McNally & Company and in charge of software development efforts for commercial and consumer mapping, routing and navigation software.

     In today's economy companies are turning to online advertising in an effort to capture more local customer revenue.  At the same time, many Internet players are focusing on local search as a method of increasing revenue and profit. While the market is wide-open at this time, local search is a complicated and demanding service requiring sophisticated production systems.   A qualified local search consultant can help speed up the process.

      If you are new to local search, let TeleMapics help you and your team to develop and successfully execute projects key to the profitable growth of your business.  Read our blog Exploring Local to help get you started.

      If your Company is experienced in the local search market but not reaching your market share goals, we can help provide the boost that you need to innovate your way to success.

 Challenges in Local Search

      Finding the "sweet spot" in the local search market requires a large ensemble of complex skills.  We believe firms competing in this marketplace will need  core competencies focused on their ability to create robust, extensible and easy to use platforms that meet the needs of both customers and advertisers. 

     Advertisers utilizing local search want to make sure that you can connect them with their customers through spatially relevant traffic volumes and geographically relevant advertising placement.  Geo-targeting techniques can help you and your advertisers fuse ads with search content in a manner that enhances your customers' opportunity to close sales while increasing your revenue. The Advertiser requires qualified buyers in a location where their product or service is available.

     The potential customers using local search are looking for a service that provides the relevant products or services near them.   Creating a local search platform that efficiently provides these matches in a targeted geographic context requires high quality location data, geo-targeted advertising, efficient search algorithms and careful planning of human factors interfaces surrounding the search algorithms.   

     Creating maximum revenue generation from local search platforms is full of difficulties for those who are unfamiliar with: issues of spatial data quality (coverage, currentness, attribution and metadata), geo-targeting, the semantics of spatial search queries and the application of spatial data in geographic analysis, mapping, and navigation. In addition, expertise on high performance computing and infrastructure development is a must. TeleMapics' Local Search Consulting can help you find your way in these critical areas of local search and help ensure your success in the market for local search.


Our Local Search Consulting   Includes these Specializations:

     Development of  local  search/directory systems.

  • Look to us for help in creating systems tailored to meet your goals for profitability, brand development and  performance.

      Analysis of your existing local search service strategies and recommendations on best practices relevant to the local search market.

  • If your goal is to become a Top Tier local search provider, call us and let's start to work on improving your market position.

       Development of geo-targeting strategies.

  • We know local search and can help tune your process by providing search results, ad buying and ad placement that are geographically relevant.

      Assessment and selection of service providers critical to success in the local search market.

  • We have significant experience with the selection of "local search" service providers.  Contact us for recommendations for the following specialties: directory services,  geocoding services, mapping and routing services.

      Development of strategies for creating new local search products and  services. 

      Development of superior technology strategies for local search platform providers


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