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Strategic Technical Consulting


Strategic Technical Consulting

     Technology organizations often appear to be operational entities whose inner workings are known only to those who can master the “secret handshake”. Unfortunately, the complexities of your organization’s technical infrastructure and the speed with which the infrastructure changes makes it difficult for management to evaluate whether or not the company’s technical resources are organized and operating to the benefit of your business.  In addition, these same characteristics create difficulty for the investment community interested in valuing companies for transactions.


       Many organizations wonder if they are on the right road technologically speaking and uncertainty surrounding this question often leads to organizational conflict that negatively influences service levels, product development efforts and product delivery schedules. All too often, management asks, “are we on the right technology path?” while quesioning if this path will lead to market success for the company.

       Conversely,  technology teams may be capable of meeting the Company’s needs but suffer from inappropriate organizational structure and project tracking. Do you know the status of all programs in Engineering?

       If you are concerned about getting the best efforts from your Technology Team and would benefit from a qualified, insightful recommendation, contact TeleMapics at your convenience.

      We provide Technical due diligence and competitive analysis services.  If you are considering the merger or acquisition of a technology company in the industry segments we cover, let us assist you in creating a successful transaction.  

Buying a business involves a decision process that assesses many factors. 

Unfortunately, the areas that generate  most post-deal difficulties are often related to misunderstanding of the technology, inadequate assumptions on the operational capabilities of the acquired company and failure to discover material risks during due diligence. 

Let us help you "look under the hood" of your potential transaction to ensure that it will provide your company a sustainable competitive advantage.






Our Strategic Technical Consulting  Includes These Specializations:

   Technical strategy development

   Assessment  of management and leadership practices in technology organizations.

     Organizational change and restructuring in technology organization 

      Due Diligence services



Message from Mike Dobson
President of TeleMapics:

      I have helped manage companies in various stages of growth and found that today’s successful businesses are so complex and fast paced that business leaders are well served by using consultants to provide a “fresh” view of the business.

      During my career, I managed teams spending millions of dollars on technical developments and felt that it was prudent to ask independent, external experts if they felt that our team had chosen the right path in respect to the initiatives that we were considering.

      If all success required was smart people, almost every technology company would become a success. Unfortunately, many companies, especially start-ups, take talented, extremely intelligent people and place them in managerial or operational positions for which they are entirely and inappropriately prepared.

      Having the right team member in a position that exploits and benefits from their skill is a basic key to successfully managing a business. Your company’s organizational chart should be based on requirements, skill sets and personalities, not just “smarts”. Sometimes it takes a capable “outside set of eyes” to understand the “disconnects” in a business that must be rectified before a  company can ride the road to success.


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